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Sep 14, 2009
Macgregor 25 Mo
I drilled out rivets and installed machine bolts. I used butle and it still lets in water. I’m considering cutting a small section of rubrail off glassing over the holes and mounting chainplates on outside of hull. What do my good friends on this forum think about that. Am I crazy. The port side doesn’t leek right now.
Jul 29, 2018
O'Day 35 Interlude Buzzards Bay
If butyl is leaking then you didn't seal it correctly or you something's moving - countersink/bevel any holes and make sure you have good coverage. Gradually tighten it up over several days to allow the butyl to work in and ooze out. Will not leak.


Sep 13, 2010
macgregor 26s hamilton
I did mine about 7 years ago and never had a leak since. I jammed a lot of butyl into the gap around the chainplate.
Sep 14, 2009
Macgregor 25 Mo
I have tried butyl twice on starboard side with no luck. I think in the spring I will give the 4000 or 4200 a go. Thanks for the reply’s.