cb retract line cover has shrunk?


Aug 1, 2010
hunter H240 island lake
does anyone know why the center board retract line cover on my H240 seems to have shrunk? it requires about 150lbf tension to get it into position such that the hose clamps will hold it, however no matter how tight the hose clamps the hose eventually pops off of the fittings. Does any one know a source of the white hose like material and the ends normally attached to it?

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Jun 8, 2004
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In order to change the hose, the cb line attached to a Messenger line has to be lowered into cabin with the Cb in the down position. Then undo too hose clamp and then removing lower hose clamp. Replace with a new one. Bottom hose clamp is above the water line. M

Your description needs some clarification possibly with a photo of the hose for a better understanding