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Catalina 315 specifications

Dec 16, 2011
Catalina 310 Atlantic Highlands
But I have also noticed that as an organization we have fewer percentage wise 315 owners belonging than 310 owners but Curt Sawyer is our treasurer and he could address that better.
We've got 78 dues-paying members who own 310s, and 19 who own 315s. 3 of those 19 are still on their first "free" year paid for by Catalina so they may or may not join when they've got to write a check. Finally, we've got 1 member who has never told me if they own a 310 or a 315.
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Oct 3, 2011
Anam Cara Catalina 310 Hull #155 155 Lake Erie/Catawba Island
I would again add that it is important to all of us as owners to belong to YOUR organization.
I see the small cost of the Catalina Mainsheet and the value received is very great which makes it very worthy and when you relate it to the cost of the BOAT and BOAT PARTS, very nominal.
Again I feel you get great value for the MAINSHEET with your membership and with the 310 you can get discounted BOATUS which is never bad!
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Jan 13, 2021
Catalina 315 75 San Diego
I found out the answer to my own question. Somewhere over 70 315s out there. It’s a sad reality but smaller cruising boats are falling out of favour.

And I have a couple of other questions that you might be able to answer Stephen...if we can’t coax other 315 owners into this thread. First, does the shower drain have its own pump and thru hull? Are the freshwater tank and pump under the forward berth? Has anyone located reasonably priced fitted sheets for the forward berth? Finally, I’ve been told by a broker that later versions of the 315 have a double anchor bow roller and stern rails that run right up to the entry gate on both sides. Is that true?

spring is coming...
We just took delivery of a new Catalina 315, fin keel, in San Diego. It came with solid stern rails and a double bow roller. The anchor locker is large but it is not split to accommodate two chain/ropes for two anchors.