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catalina 250 how does it sail

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we live four hours from the north channel of lake huron and would like to buy a boat we can trailer. How well does the catalina 250 sail I am not sure about the water ballast system,How easy does mast step can it be done by one person. . .

Arlyn Stewart

catalina 250 sailing and setup

I trailored my water ballast from Texas to Northern Lake Huron the last two summers and sailed over 700 miles. This summer was in the North Channel, Georgain Bay and Lake Huron. Most of my local sailing is single handed and the boat presents no problems to the single hander during setup, launch or sailing. The c250 offers a lot of space for a trailer sailor, quality construction and good handling. A half ton pickup with mid size v8 makes a good tow. It will launch from almost any ramp used by sport power boats. Because it sets very low on the trailer, it makes a good camper enroute to your sailing destination. I have sailed mine in Great Lakes conditions ranging up to 6 ft swell with 30 knot winds. Longest passage was 90 miles across Lake Huron from South Bay, Manitoulin Island to Harrisville, Mich.
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