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Caravelle Refit

Aug 29, 2009
I'm considering a significant refit for my Caravelle (992M-yawl) shortly, and am looking for some advise/guidance in two major areas:

1) re-powering: anyone have experience with a larger new Yanmar in the space provided in the Caravelle? Cythera has an old Perkins 4-107 and I'd like more power available when needed... candidates are the new 45hp or the tried and true 54hp, but must also consider effective transmission of such power increase given the constraints of prop/hull-rudder aperture/shaft. Additional recommendations for feathering prop to replace present 2-blade fixed (given above referenced apature constrain) would be appreciated.

2) rig: will install new manual furling (to be driven by power winch) masts (main & mizzen)... want to increase the rig height and would like recommendations/advice on just how tall the Caravelle yawl will take and still behave. Purpose is primarily to automate sail handling from the cockpit (I'm getting old) and of course to increase light air speed. I understand this will necessitate new sails as well.

There will be other improvement made as well, but they are fairly straight forward, so any help from those having experience and/or expertise in these two specific areas will be greatly appreciated. Thx, Barry