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Can't Find HIN on 1979 Jouet 18

Jun 12, 2021
Jouet 18 Moreno Valley
Like the title says, Im attempting in vain to find the HIN for a 1979 Jouet 18 I just bought. Bought off a local for cash. They had "lost" the title but seemed confident it was easily replaceble. According to the registration stickers it was last registered in CA in 2013 but when I called AAA to check the number they couldnt find any info and think it may just be too far back and the reg # cant be found anymore. So the HIN # is what I need so I can get a duplicate title and proof of sale going from the previous owner.

There is a manifacturers plate, but I cant find a HIN # anywhere. The boat was made in France in 1979 so not sure what regulatioms were in place at that point. Any help.or.suggestions would be appreciated!