Can't acces on Apple devies

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Mar 20, 2007
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Phil et al -
Was trying to receive a PM earlier today, and got a "mailbox is full" message. While deleting a bunch of old posts (I was using the iPhone app), the site froze up. I am now unable to access the site from either my iPhone or iPad, using either the app or through the regular website using Safari; I get a message that the network is unavailable. I can, however, access it through my PC (that's what I'm using now) as usual via the website. I tried deleting and reloading the app, as well as rebooting both the app and the devices without any luck. Any idea?

Phil Herring

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Mar 25, 1997
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Hi John,

Could be a routing problem or possibly your network got blocked because you have a bot on it. Using safari on your iPad, go to, then PM your ip address to me. Thanks!
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