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Cal 21-Portlight

Sep 28, 2020
Cal 21 Cow Island NH
I am refurbishing a Cal 21 my dad bought new in 1973. I have removed the portlights and have already obtained replacement windows but I need to buy new gaskets. The glass is 3/16" and it looks like the gasket and frame channel it fits into is 5/16" Any suggestions of where to find such replacement gaskets? Don't worry this won't be my only question for this project. Thanks for any help.


Sep 23, 2018
Oday Daysailer East Moriches, NY
It's not worth buying separate gaskets for each window (price adds up for around $20 per window). I would recommend getting Neoprene rubber cord from McMaster-Carr. You can get as much length as you need and use Devcon contact cement to put them in place. McMaster-Carr


Nov 28, 2010
O day 25 Nyack. New York
I just bought an 89 Cal 22. I'd like to clean up and repair everything on it. Any other Cal 22 owners lurking out there?