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Cal 21 Owner

Mar 20, 2020
Cal 21 Eagle Creek Reservoir
Hey everyone! I bought a 1970 cal 21 2 years ago and have had a blast sailing it. I'm looking to make some small upgrades such as a head in the cabin for my wife and building a keel plug and keel well stopper. I have seen the designs on this site for the keel plug and stopper so I plan to attempt that unless anyone has one of those handy and would like to share! Just posting to say "Hi" and introduce myself to the community. Looking forward to enjoying sailing with you all!! I attached a few pictures of my boat.


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Apr 13, 2018
Cal 21 Ohio River
Hi, I'm Steve Loehr, and I've been sailing a cal 21 for about 15 years. I think it's a great boat and it was just right for my family when we bought it. I like the small cabin and big cockpit, and it's easy to launch and retrieve. I don't use the keel plug. I have a cable attached to a winch permanently, and I just stuff 4 pool noodles (taped together) into the keel well to keep the water out. I'm sure it would sail faster with the keel plug. I built an A frame thing to help raise the mast, but it's still easier with two people. Have fun!


Jan 20, 2005
Nauticat 321 pilothouse 32 Erie PA
my irst boat in 1980 w as the cal 21. the aft of the keel had a notch in it that i was suppposed to hook w the winch cable to winch it up to get onto its trailer .( what a pain ! especially in a freezing rain in oct. on aul out dy...) ) we had a nice teak ' well plug which ws a nice looking cover for the 'scary' keel well as kids called it. one day the bungees holding the keel well plug broke, the plug came off, and a geyer came into the bot making the passengers think we were all sinking. rx: fasten the keel well plug to pool noodles and securely bungee so it does not terrify your passengers... other than that it was a great little boat, sold it for what we paid for i 5 yrs later. upgrades: a blooper from bacon sails, a portajohn , a portable 12 v fan, 12v battery for mastand anchor lights and a cabin oil lamp from weems and plath's annapolis sailboat show 'warehouse sale' are nice additions . fair winds ! .