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C310 Pedestal guard and new prop question


Feb 8, 2021
Catalina 310 Lake Guntersville
Hi Y'all, I have a contract on a 2001 C310 and currently awaiting completion of a survey. Changing from a Capri 25 to the C310. I'm doing some research on upgrades and have the following questions. What is the width of the pedestal guard, 12" or 9.5"? I'm looking at getting a folding prop and I understand the shaft is 1". Are all shafts created equal? In other words, if I find a used prop that says it's for a 1" shaft, will it fit the C310 or is there special threads or keying involved?


Feb 14, 2017
Catalina 310 211 Lake Guntersville, AL
Hey @Fleet the shaft should be 1", the stock prop diameter is 15", right hand rotation if I remember correctly, someone will correct me I'm sure. I'm not sure about the guard but if you are out you can go on my boat and measure it, I plan to be out tomorrow and can also check it, I think it is bigger then the narrow 9" so I'm guessing 12". If you are looking for chart plotter options there are some slick options that don't require changing out the guard too.

I'll wait for actual prop experience on what people like. I did this research last year before my boat was hauled for a complete bottom job. In the end I felt the money would be better spent on new sails fist. The full bottom had a dramatic improvement to my motoring and sailing so that was an item I should have done sooner.
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May 17, 2014
Catalina 310 #307 Bluewater Bay, FL
The shaft is one inch diameter, tapered. Contact potential prop manufacturers with engine make, model, horse power and transmission make, model. Include gear ratio for both forward and reverse. Get their recommendation for your boat.
All props are not created equal. Different blade areas and shapes, in addition to diameter and pitch, put different loads on the engine and transmission.