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C310 Head Mirror


Feb 28, 2018
Catalina 310 295 South Portland, ME
So, the factory mirror on the head cabinet sliding door is angled so low I have to bend over to shave or comb my hair etc. I found a mirror that exactly matches the head door teak frame and it fits nicely on the inside wall. No mounting hardware so I used 3M two sided tape. Cost 50 to 60. Google Waterbrands™ SeaTeak® Rectangular Teak Mirror
Best part is that I can stand up and shave...assuming I would ever want to shave on a sailboat.


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Dec 21, 2020
Catalina 310 Lake Hefner
You can never have too many mirrors. Just sayin'
Yes, the angled factory mirrors were a problem for me too for a lot of reasons. First, they were crazed and the back was peeling off. Second, they are worthless as mirrors. Third, the angle drastically reduced the storage space of the locker. So, I removed the cabinet and rebuilt it with a flush front. I painted the mirrors silver until I can come up with better idea for the sliders. Now the cabinet holds a lot of stuff. Also replaced all the T moulding which was cracked and painted the track to seal it from water. I too am looking for a mirror!