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C30 Rudder Removal


Jul 24, 2015
Catalina 30 TRBSWK Sandusky BPM
This method is used to remove fused brake rotors. It can be used on many other problems. Using a small air compressor ( I use a pancake type) and a air hammer/chisel with a hammer bit. You DO NOT NEED TO LEAN ON IT!! If you do you will damage the rudder log. Lightly press hammer centered on part you want free. Use short burst on trigger, press and release, to vibrate the part. Try in many areas. Keep using spray oils or ATF . the vibrations will free it up because it is at a higher frequency than a hammer. I removed my shaft coupling this way. it was fused on. Was able to reuse coupling after refacing with a new shaft to replace my bent one. bent during haul out, decals in wrong location.