C30 MKII main shaft pulley and v belt clearance with the M25XP

Sep 16, 2020
Catalina 30 MKII San Francisco
Before I go and start cutting out a notch into the lip of the cabin sole/cabin settee, thought it prudent to ask for some advise. I am going to be replacing both the v belt and the front engine case cover (already acquired a good used one.) The installation of the M25XP in the new to me 1988 C30 MKII leaves little to no clearance between the main shaft pully and the fiberglass lip behind the access door trim. Not enough to remove and replace the v belt, and certainly not enough remove the pully to swap the front case cover. Pictures are pretty self explanatory I believe.

So I am planning on cutting out a notch in the fiberglass lip and perhaps a tiny bit of the cabin sole large enough to remove both. It appears the access hatch trim will cover most of the my notch, though I might need add a small trim piece below. Before I pull out the angle grinder and cut off wheels..... thought I'd ask........

Am I missing some easier solution? I assume this was an error by Catalina when they started installing the M25XP right around the time my C30 MKII was built.

Even if I wanted to move the engine backwards, it appears the engine is already mounted in it's most rearward (stern direction) placement.

Any other thoughtful advice or solution?



Apr 5, 2009
Catalina '88 C30 tr/bs Oak Harbor, WA
Good to know.... looks like I'm on the right track then! Hopefully my engine and engine compartment looks 1/2 as nice or clean as yours when I am done with all the projects this winter!
Here is a clearer pic that I pulled from a video that have of the hatch. Note that the notch is in the fiberglass to give clearance and extends into the wood trim around the hatch but does not extend to the face and does not show when the door is closed.