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C&C Landfall V-Drive Leaks Gear Oil

Jul 30, 2015
C&C Landfall 38 Washington
Hello again helpful sailors.

The v-drive on my 1980 Landfall 38 leaks gear oil. I haven't pulled it yet, but I think the shaft seal has failed.

I can't see any markings on the drive, and would like to know where I'm going before I pull it out.

Does anyone have an idea who manufactured the drive, and, for bonus points, where I might find parts for it?

It has an industrial green finish. I don't have a photo at this time.

If it helps, the engine is the original Yanmar 3QM30 which, despite its appearance, starts and runs like a champ.

Thanks in advance!
Mar 29, 2017
Hunter 30t 9805 littlecreek
Volvo is my bet. They also made sail drives and someone made adapter plate for yanmar to Volvo and every yard for miles around went with it. Take v drive use a drywall screw thru outside plastic lip to push out take to and industrial bearing supply and buy there like $2
Jul 30, 2015
C&C Landfall 38 Washington
Many thanks friend!

Using a drywall screw to fix a transmission sounds about right.

I'm fond of saying sailors can take the parts to make a cat and use them to make a dog.