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C and C MKV mast lights not working

Jun 25, 2020
C and C MKV Oakville
Everything on my C and C 27 MKV works except the mast lights. I see where the wires go from the mast into the boat but I don't know where to follow them or which connections to check. Any ideas on how to track down the problem?
Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser moored EVERETT WA
Lights not working could be:
  1. Bulbs burned out
  2. Bulb connections corroded on mast
  3. wire connections in bulb holder on mast
  4. wire broken in mast
  5. connections at mast base broken or corroded
  6. Wire broken inside boat between mast and circuit switch/breaker
  7. Connection corroded at circuit breaker
  8. circuit breaker/switch failed
  9. battery not hooked up to circuit breakers
That is a quick list of possible Usual Suspects failures. I'd try the connections out in the air up on the mast. They are the most susceptible to corrosion failure. Is the mast down where you can inspect and repair any failures?