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Bulkhead replacement.

Mar 9, 2012
Catalina 30 PVR
So I know this looks rough and in a attempt to beef it up before I replace it I bolted on a 1/4 in plate from both side. Only temporary. We bought this boat and had water damage coming through stay as you can see. I believe this is 5/8in material. How difficult is it to replace this bulkhead. When I get the shroud out I’ll check what shapes it in. Now we are in South west Mexico and accessing material is a bit a chore as many of you know. What kind of material should I be looking for here. They don’t carry the teak ply I know for sure. Apparently it can be brought in from US. Is a good marine ply okay for this. As Cat owners you know this is the upper shroud mount.


Sep 19, 2017
Catalina 1986 30 TR 4410 Lake Lewisville
Marine plywood would be ideal as the glues used do not dissolve in water. Construction grade plywood would do in a pinch if you can find the right dimension without a lot of knots or patches. You can coat it with a thin epoxy (sometimes called penetrating expoy) to shed any water that may infiltrate through holes in the hull where your chainplates or bolts come through. The bedding in these areas degrade overtime without regular maintenance. You also may want to treat the holes drilled for the chainplate bolts in this manner. Your biggest challenge is getting something to closely match the rest of the teak interior. Mahogany is a fair substitute.