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Brownsville, Wa Rendezvous, Oct 17-19, 2014


Dec 20, 2009
Hunter 466 Bremerton
A huge thanks to Laurie and Gary Coykendall and Bill and Jeanine Bramstedt for hosting our last rendezvous of the year. Although Gary was sick and could not attend he made a few things for Laurie's goodie bags. Laurie being the good wife checked on Gary several times over the weekend and was challenged by a flat tire but still managed to pull off a great rendezvous. Friday night we were treated to local pizza and goodies brought from the various boats.

Saturday we had a Halloween boat decorating party and veggie carving contest followed by a beer tasting identification contest. Laurie managed to award prizes to all who attended. I guess because we are all winners! The dinner Saturday was all pot luck and was it ever good. What I remember most was the chili by Barb Rosenbaum, the bratwurst by Kris Ridenour and the "Bundt" cake by Sue Tughan.

Saturday we helped Bob and Kris remove their inner forestay as the furler will be replaced along with the headstay and furler. Conversations over the weekend were dominated by dodger and full enclosure replacements. Of course Dulcinea has the ultimate full enclosure with an 1/8" aluminum hard top complete with forward cockpit glass and a windshield wiper. We discussed materials, the merits of weatherproofing the Sunbrella each year (some said it worked some said it didn't help and the silly canvas still leaked), upgrading the stainless tubing from 1" to 1 1/4". Our full enclosure is some sort of vinyl and although 11 years old does not show any signs of deterioration but panel zippers have to be replaced occasionally. We all agreed that full or nearly full enclosures were the way to go but like boat items were really spendy.

Sunday Laurie treated us all to coffee, cut fruit, grapes, tangerines, and biscotti.

The weekend prior Bob and Kris installed a new cockpit stereo and speakers, a new remote microphone and cable, anemometer, and a new VHF with AIS. After updating my 2003 Raymarine Chartplotter with 2014 soft ware the AIS display was awesome. I'll have to make sure I watch the road (er water) and not get distracted by the display. The AIS data are really valuable...not sure how I did without it.

The weather Friday was somewhat nasty but it cleared up and Saturday was better and Sunday it was clear and warm. The winds piped up and on our way back to Bremerton Yacht Club, observing, 15-25 knots at the pier, we started with a half furled main and a full jib. Heading south into the south winds we were close hauled and got hit with a 30+ knot gust. Ok, furled the main some more, winds mid 30s, furled the main, winds high 30s low 40s, furled the jib, didn't sail well with the 1/2 furled jib so furled it in and motored back. With my brand new anemometer, install courtesy of Ridenour and Ridenour Rigging, just west of Rich Passage, I noted a high of 49.6 kts true. Yikes. On the other hand, heading north from Brownsville to Everett Larry and Sue said they had the best sail ever in their H356. He didn't have an anemometer so wasn't sure what the winds were but his GPS SOG varied from 7.4 to 8.6 kts. Yahoo.

Attending were

Beverly Jane Larry and Sue Tughan

Dulcinea Dave and Mary Weale

J Michelle Bill and Jeannine Bramstedt

Laetare Gary and Laurie Coykendall

Luna Bob and Kris Ridenour with boatless guests Brian and Mary Scott

New Shoes John and Kerstin Hilton

Starbright Steve Stark Barb Rosenbaum

Vision Bill and Val Sheehy

Wings of Gold Mike and Ruth Murray

Remember our Annual meeting November 22 at Brian and Mary Scott's house. Wedon't have a definite start time yet but it will be mid afternoon as some folks have fairly long transits or ferries to consider. Bring a useful item to auction off as a fundraiser in our silent auction and pay your dues at the dinner. Menu, address, and phone number to follow. Think about where and what duration rendezvous we want next year and who will host. The practice of having two couples hosting has seemed to work very well. Also we will elect the next slate of officers; Fleet Captain, Treasurer, Membership Chair. We had 30+ attending last year to a wonderful sit down dinner courtesy of HAPS.

Nice folks with nice boats just having a nice time!


Mike and Ruth Murray

HAPS Fleet Co-Captains 2014