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Broken aluminum rudder head Irwin 27 (1968)

Feb 9, 2014
Irwin 27 Cape Cod MA
I have a broken rudder head which I have had welded and looks pretty strong but I am also trying to find a replacement to have as a spare - either an old part from an Irwin or another rudder head that will fit the 1 5/8" rudder post - Any ideas? (Tiller and tiller head brackets are OK)


Oct 2, 2012
Sabre ex: 28 MK 1 , ex: Albin Vega 27' Falmouth, ME
Im considering taking over a 1967 irwin 27', I know nothing about the boats as there is little information out there about this model specifically. I owned a 34' Catalina, 28' Sabre 28 Mk1 and an Albin Vega 27'. How have you liked her thus far? Any words of advice or caution? Currently, the CB is toast...it's either jammed in the trunk or simply isn't there. Ive heard the CB's can be a real issue with these boats.

Thanks so much