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Broke Mast

Dec 8, 2014
Catalina Capri 18 Boynton
Over the weekend I made a huge rookie mistake when checking a chain plate on the port side I did not secure the mast and had it fall over the starboard side.:cussing::eek:
So the mast did not bend but did blow through the one of the drill holes for the step up (at the base of the mast) and also the step up plate was bent out of recognition. So I need to buy a new step up the question is what to do with the broken mast/drill hole???
Should I cut the mast and re-drill or should I sleeve reinforce the mast base?
Thank you for your honest advice!
Dec 23, 2008
Catalina 22 Central Penna.
I think you would be OK to scab a piece of metal half way around the base of the mast with pop rivets, I would NOT weld on. Trim the bottom to match the old and drill new hole. You may have to have shop bend you new mast step to fit wider base of mast.
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