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Bristol 24 hull deck joint

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Jun 18, 2007
Oday 25 25 Ephraim
Need advice quick. Am looking at a Bristol 24. Always admired these boats. Found one that seems like a great deal, but the hull/deck joint is a real concern. The rub rail was removed and all that is left are the deck and hull flanges that seem well bonded, but there are no bolts or fasteners of any kind. There are holes where bolts or perhaps pop rivets at least held the rub rail to the glass.

I am not used to using this site and fear a reply might get lost in the shuffle and i might never find it. Email reply to my personal email to save time and make sure I receive your reply. Have to make a decision on this boat soon. Have excellent photos of the hull /deck joint and will send them to anyone willing to look and offer an opinion regarding strength and safety.

Dick Straubel


Jun 1, 2004
Catalina 27 Mission Bay, San Diego
welcome dick........ A topic like yours would be of interest to a great many other people here{myself, for example}. We all learn when someone posts a relevent question and others have a chance to suggest solutions. For that reason I recommend not asking for a private response. You may find more than one solution to the problem if it's discussed in the forum. Bad or questionable advice can be brought to your attention, as well, when the discussions are public.

So, go ahead and post your pictures and let's see what happens.
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