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Boomkicker: is the Catalina Direct one worth it?

May 25, 2020
Catalina Capri 22 Home Port
I’m going to ditch my topping lift and get a boomkicker, but I noticed on the CD site that they want an extra $50 for something that prevents the boom from rotating at the gooseneck, and something that helps attach it to the race boom with the extra tab on the bottom. The photo is very pixelated, so I can’t tell what the part looks like.

Is it worth it, or does the stock one, for $50 less, work just as well.
Sep 22, 2018
Hunter 216 Kingston
I installed a ”Boomkicker” system that included a roll stop fitting on our Hunter 216.

The “roll stop” does exactly what the name implies. It is a separate connection between the mast and the boom than the actual boom support so they can be used in conjunction or not depending on what you require.

I would point out that adding the roll stop adds a little more complexity to the mast stepping process.

BTW our boat has a topping lift that I find useful during the setup/takedown of the boomkicker. I no longer sail with it deployed as the boomkicker imho is a more effective sail shaping device.

You can research more here. :)

Jul 28, 2016
Hey! I was the OP on the thread listed above. I have raced the boat for the past 4 seasons now. I can tell you that I think the anti-roll fitting is absolutely essential on the CP22, and wouldn't have a boomkicker without it. In my case, the previous owner had installed the boom kicker without the fitting and I was totally unhappy with the set up. I was able to buy the fitting direct from Boomkicker.

The version that Catalina Direct sells included the anti-roll device, and I think it has some other feature incorporated into the boom bracket that aids installation. If I were looking for a new system from scratch, I would recommend going this route. I don't think you will save much money piecing a system together.
Jul 17, 2013
Just chiming in to agree re the usefulness of the anti-roll fitting. When I acquired my Capri 22, the PO had installed the boomkicker -- but not the anti-roll fitting. Overtime, the boom twisted on occasion and finally deformed the fitting where the kicker attached attached to the boom. I had to replace that fitting and, at that time, also installed the anti-roll fitting. I've had no further problems with the boomkicker.

If I recall correctly I purchased these parts directly from the manufacture and not Catalina Direct (no knock against CD; they're great).

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