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Big Day Tomorrow

Dec 25, 2000
Hunter Passage 42 Shelter Bay, WA
Yes, August 2, 1969 was our wedding day in North Bend, Oregon. Father-in-law had to drag me out of bed from a bachelor night out hang over. Even got pulled over on the way home by the local constabulary, drunk as a skunk. After my flimsy excuse of getting married in the next few hours , rather than throw the book at me he decided to escort me home. Thank you. A different time for sure.

Older and wiser now, I think. Admiral and I still get along nicely as long as I use yes dear frequently. A wonderful woman, mother of our four boys, made for each other. How the twist and turns in our lives brought us together, I do not know, other than destiny.

A blind date, the phone number that was given to me by her girl friend, I almost did not call. She, burned by other blind dates from the same girl friend, almost said no when I did finally call. And our first date was with her and her mother to the local football game. But, when she opened the door at her mother's home to greet me, well, all I can say is magic.

Alas, the rest they say is history. So much to be thankful for. A full life of love and happiness. My partner, my best friend, my lover. Yes, we have had our disagreements about this or that. But in the end, we're together forever.

Tomorrow night will be dinner out at a local fine dining establishment on Silver Lake, Washington for just the two of us. Looking forward to it.

Later, another story about how I proposed to my wife. A special event neither of us will ever forget.



Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser Portland OR, moored EVERETT WA
Thank you for sharing this wonderful personal experience. Lyn and I joined Les and Trish in celebration of our anniversaries that for some coincidence occurred on the 19th May. +46 for us.

Having a person who helps to keep you grounded is a special connection.

May the 2nd of August 2019 be a terrific celebration of your love and friendship.
Jan 5, 2017
Beneteau First 38 Lyall Harbour Saturna Island
Congratulations Terry! Fifty years is a long time but it goes by in the blink of an eye when you’re having fun!
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Jan 25, 2011
S2 11.0A Anacortes, WA
Congrats Terry and wife. Looking fwd to part II

BTW, looks like I’m in the SJs 9th - 16th. Single handing til 13th and back to Anacortes to pick up crew (admiral and sister) and back out again. 14th and 15th at Rosario for out of town guests..
Dec 25, 2000
Hunter Passage 42 Shelter Bay, WA
Thanks all. It has been a great life together. So glad to read of others in the same boat. :clap:
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Oct 19, 2017
O'Day 19 Littleton, NH
Congratulation Terry,
Your writing brought a tear to my eye, because I know what you mean.
Linda and I found each other in our senior year of high school (1981), married two years after graduation, in 1984. Two years after that we both had skills; she, a new nurse and I with a diploma, from a now defunct technical school, in furniture making. We haven't been apart since. I have so much because of her. She is more beautiful now than when she sat across from me in Art class.
I believe a couple like us is truly one person with its own heart and mind.

35 years.
I'm looking forward to another 35.

Thanks for your post Terry. It's an honor to be part of the group you have decided to share that with.

-Will (Dragonfly)
Dec 25, 2000
Hunter Passage 42 Shelter Bay, WA
My Marriage Proposal. Patti and I had been dating for almost a year. We both worked and so Saturday night was our date out, then Sunday dinner at her mom's house. Other nights were my carousing time in a very small town where word traveled fast. Then my soon to be wife reached the end of her rope; continuing this charade needed to change or else, so think about what you want to do. Okay.

Corrigan Jewelers in Coos Bay had a nice selection of engagement rings; diamond solitaires really looked nice, so I selected one, which took almost my entire savings. Whew! More than I wanted to spend, but she was worth it. We had very much in common, similar likes, family background, etc.

I knew the McDougals from my business dealings in the area who owned a fine dining restaurant in North Bend overlooking the Coos Bay estuary that faced west. So I stopped by a few days before the special date and asked Helen how we could spring a surprise announcement. She offered to bring out two champagne glass on a lower shelf of her serving cart covered by a table cloth. Patti's glass would have the ring in it. When it was time, and before our meal was served, she would fill our glasses below out of sight then place them in front of us. I would wait until Patti spotted the ring in her glass before popping the question.

While we both enjoyed the sparkling sunset, I offered a toast to our Saturday night date. Just as she was about to lift her glass was when she noticed the ring amongst the bubbly, her eyes growing large with surprise, my signal to pop the question. After a brief pause she said yes.

Events like these remain with you forever. We talk about them regularly as a reminder of the wonderful years we've had together.
Jan 25, 2011
S2 11.0A Anacortes, WA
That’s a cool story. One that can be treasured forever and passed down. Congrats to Terry and Patti!
Dec 29, 2015
Beneteau 473 Mukilteo WA
Congratulations! 50 years is fantastic. I enjoyed speaking with you the other day in Parks Bay, Shaw Island. The admiral and I will be celebrating 32 years in September.
May 11, 2014
Catalina 310 Lake Texoma
Silver Lake is such a lovely place for a celebration.
Congrats to you both; here's to the next 50 years!
Oct 2, 2008
Pearson/ 530 Strafford, NH
I proposed in a phone booth. My thinking was “Where else would you expect to get a ring”. Bad move as I wasn’t thinking clearly. She screamed so loud my ears were ringing and then I was backed against the door as she pummeled me to get out and show her friends in the dorm. I still have bruises and loss of hearing. Yep, should have thought it through.
Dec 2, 1997
- - LIttle Rock
All of you have proven the the truth of what my mother said on my parents' 50th: Marriage is the contract that keeps two people together between the times that they're in love. Blessings and many more happy years for all of you!
Oct 2, 2008
Pearson/ 530 Strafford, NH
Sheesh, Tom. And where is she now?
Adjusting my schedule to finish the remodel of the bathroom at home.


It’s amazing that she remembers me saying I would do the remodel 35 years ago, but can’t remember where I left my tape measure just ten minutes back.
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