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Beta oil change question

May 30, 2006
I went to use the hand pump to pump out my motor oil and it didn’t work.

When you pull up the handle, you do generate a vacuum suction for a short period. But nothing comes up?

Any ideas?

Threaded stopper was out.
Stop cock fully unscrewed.
Motor warmed up a bit.

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Apr 28, 2000
Electric pump.
I've used the hand pump. Messy, at best. If the oil is cold it may not flow well enough for the hand pump to work well, resulting in lots of grunting and sweating. If the engine is warmed up first (Not too warm) you may not get all of the old oil out unless you wait for it to drain into the sump. The pros use an electric pump.
May 30, 2006
Hi Chuck,Well that sucks. lol. That is one of the big selling points.In the mean time, is there a bolt at the bottom of the oil pan somewhere?gh
May 30, 2006
So i bought a separate oil pump and came down to the boat to change the oil...
And the hand pump on the Beta 14 works again. Like a champ. Lol.
Maybe i needed to warm up the motor more to thin out the oil.
Guess I’ll return the pump i just bought.

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