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Beneteau First 38 Rig Tune Guide

Sep 9, 2019
Beneteau First 38 Maryland Yacht Club
Would anyone have a guide to tuning the rig for a Beneteau First 38? We have the original mast, but replaced the standing rigging in 2017. We have a friend who knows the procedure and has the Loos Gauge, but he wanted to know if we had a tuning guide. We know the wire used, but not the "type".


Any help is appreciated!
S/V Kaimana
1984 Beneteau First 38 TM SD


Aug 9, 2011
Beneteau 310 Cheney KS (Wichita)
Is it a Z-Spar mast? If so, check on the USSPARS.com site. Or, call them, their rigger is helpful.
Apr 17, 2019
Beneteau First 38 Kemah
See the Beneteau owner's manual attached starting on page 6.
I think the manual is for an s5. The question is for 1984 First 38, which is what I have and the rigging is wire, not rod.

Unfortunately I am unable to provide the answer to Lee's question, but would be very interested to see a response as I also am looking to tune my rigging.