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Bearing wear points on catalina 250 swing keel: how to fix it

May 11, 2019
Catalina 250 Lac des Deux montagnes mooring
The sailing season is coming fast. I have got my swing keel off from the boat. At the pivot pin, there is some wear of about one quart of an inch aroud the pivot pin. There is some wear on the spacers at the top of the keel.

General view of the keel and of the drift well
Would the rudder bearing epoxy kit of the catalina 25 be a good way of fixing the wear on the keel at the pivot pin?

Keel hanger casting kit
Mine seems in good shape. The two hanger casting are exactly the dimension described, so nothing to improve there.

The spacer kit
This seems a little more complicated. I imagine that I have to measure the centerboard trunk width at the upper bearing point when the centerboard is lowered down. How do I do that?

Thanks for your suggestions or mentioning your experience with the same issues.