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Bavaria Ports - has anyone added a gutter?

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Feb 18, 2010
Bavaria Ocean 40 CC Forked River
I have a Bavaria 40 Ocean with Rutgerson opening ports on the cabin sides. I like the ports but last summer during a heavy rain I got caught with my ports open taking a nap. In the minute it took me to wake up and start closing ports water absolutely poured in the windows. I was shocked how fast and what a mess it made. My last boat had a 1/2" rim around the port and the cabin sides were a little higher angle so the rain didn't just pour in. Has anyone added an aluminum extrusion or gutter on top of the window to avoid this situation? I know it's not a common one since there is usually time to close windows when rain is approaching. I often anchor and go ashore and leave the windows open to keep the cabin cool.

Any thoughts or experiences would be greatly appreciated. I don't think this is limited to Bavaria but rather any boat with flush ports.
Not open for further replies.