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Battery/fuel tank/furnace access - Vision 32

Aug 21, 2019
Hunter Vision 32 Bremerton
Does anyone have any advice regarding access of the very difficult to reach equipment installed under the aft cockpit seating, other than strapping on a mining helmet and diving head first into the lockers? I discovered recently that I can't reach my house battery bank, as it sits down at the bottom of that pit. I can see all sorts of wires secured to those posts, and it irks me that I can even reach the to do a re-wiring job or even top off the electrolyte. Has anyone tried to go in through the bulkhead in the aft cabin? There is other equipment installed back there, the condition of which is a total mystery, which makes me a bit uncomfortable, and I'd really like to get some eyes on it. Thanks!
Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser Portland OR, moored EVERETT WA
Hi again. Hope you got your Vision out on the water sailing a few times since August. It was a pretty good season.

I have seen you have been doing a little updating, fixing, and modifying to your boat. I think that is part of the nature in owning a cruising boat. I am afraid I have no words to ease your frustration regarding access to your batteries. I note that the Hunter manual recommends monthly inspection. Perhaps that is there way of encouraging owners to just deal with the compromise they had when engineering the boat. They put a lot of features into a 32 foot long space. Positioning them in the stern compartment along with the fuel tank may have been the only place left. It sure appears to be the case based on looking at the design drawings in the manual.

Your statement about “I can see all sorts of wires secured to those posts” raised my concern. A picture would help to get a better idea of what you mean. (I understand there may be a delay in getting an image as your in the middle of a winter snow event.)

Our forum guru MaineSail has shared the Standards for battery connectivity in the forum and on his web site Marine How To - DIY for Boaters
“All sorts of wires” sounds like way too many. It may be one of those things on your to do list.

Hope you are enjoying the Cruise boat experience. You have a great location for enjoying the beauty and fun available in the waters of the PacificNW.

Now that you have your boat a picture for the forum would be fun to see. Best of luck and share your cruising ideas on our forum.

Maybe even venture for a bit along with us this summer as we cruise up along the east coast of Vancouver Island as we attempt our 2020 Vancouver Isle 360 adventure this coming June.

Good luck with your boat. And Happy New Year. .
Aug 21, 2019
Hunter Vision 32 Bremerton
Thank you for the invitation, and Happy New Year, @jssailem ! Don't get me wrong, growing up on and around boats taught me very well what to expect when I finally decided to buy one of my own, and I'm actually enjoying the learning process. I officially took ownership of the boat in September, and instantly had engine work to do before I could even vacate the PO's slip and move into my own (replaced mixing elbow and exhaust manifold lower). Additionally, the main was off being repaired up in Sequim, and I want to inspect the boom and reefing lines before I re-rig it, so unfortunately I didn't get to go sailing, but I did take my family out on a nice clear (very cold) motor cruise the day after Thanksgiving, which was really nice!

To clarify, by "all sorts of wires" I mean whoever wired the boat eschewed the use of bus bars in favor of stacking connectors on the posts. At least they look to be all circular/captive connectors with proper heat shrink applied, but I won't know for sure until I reenact that scene from Mission Impossible and dive in. Anybody want to hold my feet for me :) ? That looks like a great DIY resource, thank you for sharing. Very much looking forward to getting my feet wet cruising the Puget Sound this summer. Maybe someday I'll have enough time to head further up north? Thank you for the welcome! All the best.

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Jul 2, 2016
Hunter Vision32 2 Barrochois
Hey zephyr070
On my '91 Vision32 the PO built a shelf to set one crank and two house batteries in there. All three are in battery cases then there's a fitted plywood on top of that where I stow some tools and footwear not permitted to be worn on the boat. Sorry I have no pictures to post.