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B24 Corsair forward porthole

Jul 5, 2015
Bristol 24 Corsair Ruskin
Well, all 6 portholes were taken down
ect, when time to put them back came up last week.. SHAZAAAM!
one of tbe two smaller portholes is missing its half. So, im on the quest for the 2 sides inside/outside. Shes a 1976 B24 Corsair. Any information that can help is appreciated. Photos included.
Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
Can you post a photo of what you are looking for? Maybe you can find one to closely match the design and size on these links:

Mar 6, 2017
Bristol Corsair 24 Tampa
Thx to all, the lost porthole was FOUND by a friend(long story) now is waiting my arrival in 4 months to then be installed... Thx to all of you.