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Attaching boom vane to mast on Lancer 25

May 1, 2018
Lancer 25 Portland oregon
I have a 1980 lancer 25 . The boom vane wase removed and stored in the boat. I am trying to reinstall it but can not see how it would attach to lower mast. Any ideas about how the lower block of the vane attaches on this model ?
Feb 17, 2006
Lancer 27PS MCB Camp Pendleton KF6BL
Welcome to the board. Could you please include a picture of your boom vang and the mast step. That might help us see what is going on.


Jun 10, 2004
S2 9.2A Winthrop, MA
I seem to recall it clipping onto a metal bail at the base of the mast, but it has indeed been a while.