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Anyone have any experience with these lithium batteries?

Aug 3, 2012
Performance Cruising Telstar 28 302 Watkins Glen
At 80 ah, and $1000 + , these cost, like 8 times what a normal lead/acid, 235 ah battery would cost. I am not sure I see an advantage.
Oct 24, 2010
Hunter 30 Everett, WA
If you needed high energy density, Lithium Ion is the highest, but the price shown seems a bit outrageous.
Clearly, the charge and discharge rates need to be carefully managed with our current technology.
Their ad sounds like they installed some internal controls.



Jun 4, 2009
Pearson 530 Admiralty Bay, Bequia SVG
Gee, I only need 10. I wonder if there's bulk rate discount?
Oct 19, 2017
O'Day 19 Littleton, NH
Gee, I only need 10. I wonder if there's bulk rate discount?
There is on AliBaba, if you can be sure of what you're getting. Very deep discounts.
Does anyone have any experience ordering on AliBaba?

I am not sure I see an advantage.
Did you read the size and weight? I'm interested in something like that for Dragonfly. The spot on either side of the CB trunk, under the cockpit, is only about 9" x 11". I'm interested in putting a pair of 12v 150ah bats there. I'm not able to pay those prices, but BOY, I wish I could.

Also, I understand that LiFePOs get very hot and need good ventilation because of that. Maybe I could put a water tank against them, as a heat sink, and get hot (warm) water too.:rolleyes:

-Will (Dragonfly)