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anchor roller retrofit

May 16, 2015
C&C 37 128 Portland
Hi folks,
As I prepare our new-to-us C&C 37 for cruising the San Juans and BC, I've decided to replace my Bruce 33 with a Mantus 45. The original bronze roller is inadequate, and the stock roller plate doesn't extend fwd enough for the Mantus tip to clear the bow edge.

I'm hoping to find a beefier roller for the original and use the Mantus anchor guard, but this still may not bring it out far enough. Hoping NOT to shell out for full-on bow roller assembly, but this may come to pass. I could have a stainless plate made to fit over the altered original and offset the anchor with a new roller to one side of the bow.

Ideas? Has anyone with a mid-80' C&C roller setup (one-piece cast aluminum) retrofitted the roller to accommodate anchor design? If you've installed the Mantus bow roller or anchor guard, I'm curious how you worked around, replaced, altered the original.

Links and photos would be helpful.