Anchor Deck pipe set-up

Jan 4, 2021
Catalina by Jaguar (UK) Catalina 22 Swantown Marina, Olympia
My Catalina 22 (1980 Jaguar) has an anchor locker with a deck pipe set-up as shown in the 2 pics. I don't think it is put together is pretty difficult to run the chain in and out. The chain runs over the u-bolt that hangs down inside the lid, presumably to weight the lid down and keep it from coming off. The base has a large notch, to run in/out, and a small notch to lock the chain in place. But running through the u-bolt mucks it up. I know that I can just eliminate the u-bolt and the anchor chain/rope will go in/out easily but thought I'd see if anyone has an idea of how it was intended to be set up. Thanks


Sep 14, 2014
Catalina 22 Pensacola, Florida
Perhaps the u bolt was a previous owner add on for mysterious reasons but you are correct the chain should not go through it, the two slots are really probably there to accommodate line or chain alternatively allowing you to put the cap on when rode is out . Do not use the small one to "lock" the chain, you will pull out the fitting . The chain should be secure with a slot in a stem or cleat on deck.