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An invite to the GNBN - The Great Northern Boater's Net

May 10, 2004
Hunter 340 Bremerton, WA up from Woodland
Hi, All....
Every so often, I like to remind those of you afloat with Ham stations that the GNBN is on 3870KHz every day of the year at 0800 PT. We have nearly 800 boats, crewed by nearly 1000 hams, in our check-in database and love to hear new folks whenever possible.
Whereas the safety/tracking aspects are important for nets such as ours (including the PACSEA and various Mexico nets), another wonderful element of the GNBN is the cameraderie of the community of cruisers in our NorthWest Pacific offshore and coastal waters - getting a chance to check in on each others' progress, share info on anchorages and weather, and find each other for those impromptu anchorage gatherings as our wakes cross.
From roughly April through August, we have a "northern" section, controlled from Dora Bay, AK, at 0730PT/0630AKT to facilitate contact with those a bit further North. If you are equipped for HAM SSB operation and licensed for 80 meters, do drop by and join us. We always look for marine mobiles first, but then welcome all shore stations to join us. During the Winter months, with fewer boats out, it's often a chance to catch up from our shore stations with stories from last season and plans for next season.
Feb 17, 2006
Lancer 27PS MCB Camp Pendleton KF6BL
Thanks for the info. I will add that to my website. 0800PT is the same start time of the Baja Net on 7233.5 kHz.