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An air cleaner you can make cheaply

Sep 25, 2008
CS 30 Toronto
Bored with the winter, so in November I made a charcoal air filter for the cabin. Been running it for 4 months 7/24 in the bathroom at home for endurance test. The bathroom smells a little fresher and less dust settled on the mirrow. Can't wait to put it in the boat.

Silenx is a new type of computer box fan that uses magnetic levitation bearings with circulating lubricant. It's ultra quiet at 12db. You can hardly hear it. Same bearing technology used by hard drives.

Charcoal came from aquuarium, sewn into a bag. The boxes are Rubermaid, stackable. One deeper than the other. Drill holes for the air to go through. The bottom tray linded with cotton wool to catch dust.

I am very happy with the result. There's quite a bit of dust in the bottom tray after 4 months.