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Alado Furler

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Nov 4, 2010
Beneteau 331 Deale, MD
I'm looking for firsthand experience, of any kind, with the Alado furler. I'm very cost sensitive right now and it looks like a decent option from what I've read. One concern I have is the behavior of that halyard alongside of the foil. Any noise or flogging? Other issues? Performance when reefing?

Feb 1, 2010
Hunter 33.5 El Dorado Lake, Kansas
I installed one this year and it works very easy. There is no noise from the halyard that runs along the side of the foil when sailing. I have reef a number of times and had no problum with the performance. But we weren't racing eather.

I would buy the Alado Furler again.
Not open for further replies.