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Airmar PB150 weatherstation

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Sep 25, 2008
Islander (Wayfarer/McGlasson) 32 St Georges Harbor
No experience with them, but....

Clicked on the above link, then on the link for the FAQ:
WeatherStation Instruments
ID #1137
Is the PB100 or PB150recommended for use on sailboats?
The PB100 and PB150are NOT approved for use on any type of sailing vessel. The continuous and sometimes steep heeling can cause the 2-axis compass inside the unit to give inaccurate readings, which then can result in false true wind readings.

The PB200 has a 3-axis compass with yaw rate gyro, which can maintain 2° of heading accuracy in dynamic (heeling) conditions. These compass readings are very accurate which result in accurate true wind readings when a sailboat is heeled. The PB200 is better suited for sailboats.

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Feb 3, 2009
Camper Nicholson 39 CC Rockland, Maine

I have the 200 and I love it. I don't use a graphic display but send the NMEA data to a Furuno RD 30 display and to a Simrad AP 20 autopliot. The compass is fine when heeled but moves a bit in steep seas. Having slaved to the autopilot is great when I am alone. It will sail close hauled better than I do because it does not start thinking of other things and the autopilot will tack for me while I only have to tend to the jib sheets. I programmed it with my computer and I occasionally look at the graphic display that comes with it but not often.

The most important thing to consider is what NMEA sentences each one of your electronic gadgets will read and will pass along. Do your homework and read the fine print as you put your system together.

Sep 25, 2008
CS 30 Toronto

Many thanks. I am looking to replace the Wind vane with Raymarine ST60+ but in order to get True wind, I have to replace the Speed log too. The Raymarine combo is around $1600.

I also use a PC with Seaclear. That's why I am think of using PB200. At $1200, it is more economical and provide a backup GPS. I don't know if my Cobra GPS will show the nema0183 stuff, but I have a PC with a remote display.
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