AGM battery

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Jan 21, 2009
Catalina 30 Lake Perry, KS
My new boat to me came with 2 AGM batteries which are 5-6 years old. Have not had any issues with them but they were always on a charger till now. For now I have left them on the boat and plan on charging them about once a month over the winter. Will these survive a winter under these circumstances? I am also thinking of adding a third starting battery next year and wondering if a flooded battery be compatible with the AGMs on a 3 bank charger? What are the advantages of AGM batteries given their initial cost when compared to deep cycle batteries? Thanks
Jan 6, 2010

AGM's are touted to not lose more than 3% of their charge per month.
I would try your charging monthly at first but make sure to check first before charging.
The batteries are up there in age so you will know by checking monthly if they start to weaken. You may find at winter's end it's time to change them out.

As for adding another battery, I use two with an isolator. One house & one for starting.
I've lived off the hook for a month at a time, but used a great simple system for keeping them charged. Never had a problem with low power.

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