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Advice about the P15K


Aug 27, 2009
West Wight Potter P15 Canandaigua
I am not much of a sailor, and my lake frequently has flags 100' apart blowing in opposite directions. That is a bad combination... I want a small boat that can survive a 180 degree wind shift without a great deal of skill on my part.
There is a P15K for sale near by. It is a 15' boat weighing 600 pounds with a 250 pound keel. I would think that would give good stability, but one article I read said it was just a marketing gimmick that did nothing for stability, but greatly reduced it's ability to point towards the wind.
That doesn't sound promising, so I hopeful someone is familiar with it.
Jan 1, 2006
Slickcraft 26 Greenport, NY
Looking at the two versions on sailboat data.com I could believe that the centerboard version probably can sail better. The keel version sounds more stabile but 600 lbs is on the heavy side for a 15' boat. And the keel is a wing so ... But the numbers aren't bad for the keel version - Sail area/ displacement almost 26. The numbers for the CB version are much better. SA/Disp. 45 and change. So the CB version would be a hoot if you want to hike out and be a bit sporty. The keel version would be a more stabile platform - but not a dog sailing wise and good for comfortable sail. The keel may have launching issues in some areas. Jim Taylor is a designer with a good reputation and the Precision line is well regarded.