AC will not go below 72 and it feel even warmer

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Jan 22, 2008
Hunter 460 Oyster Bay NY
I just purchased a 2000 Hunter 460 with two zone AC. I have two concerns;
1. The thermstat does not get cool enough and will not go below 72. Is this as low as it goes?

2. The fan never turns off. Is this how it works?
Sep 25, 2008
Alden 50 Sarasota, Florida
1. Here in florida, 72 is pretty cool:). If you are implying the control panel will not go below 72, that is something with which I have had similar experience. You can try unplugging the telephone cable connectors on the back of the control panel head as well as the compressor end. Sometimes that will cure the problem of a bad connection - at least that is what the tech told me... and it didn't work. Long story short - had to replace the control head.

2. this one is easy - read the manual. You can reset the fan control to run intermittently.


Jun 2, 2004
Hunter 35.5 LI, NY
Brian, if you can't solve your problem go see John at OBMC
Oct 1, 2007
Boston Whaler Super Sport Pt. Judith
If you mean that the temperature in the cabin as displayed on the control head will not go lower than 72, that may be due to the temperature of the water where you are berthed. The water temp at my slip is about 80 F and the A/c will get the saloon down to 71 but runs continuously. I generally set it at 75 which is quite comfortable when the outside ambient is 90 F.
Jun 6, 2006
currently boatless wishing Harrington Harbor North, MD
cooling water pump

I assume you have it turned on.
the "cooling water" is pretty warm in your area so don't expect theromdynamical wonders out of the unit.
I would note that there is a refresshing large pool of water just off the stern of the boat that can be used to cool off in.
Sep 26, 2008
- - Noank CT.
Best advise given was to read the manual., there are lots of different technical setting (i.e. the fan and cycling with or without the compressor) There is also a "defrost" mode the unit can go into (if set) so that it does not ice up and "freeze", if the compressor has not cycled for more then 60 minutes. If you are referring to the unit only be able to get the boat to 72 degrees this may be as good as it gets especially with the 90 plus degree days we have had recently. Could be a simple case of being undersized for that high a temperature but before I accept that make sure everything else is OK. You did not mention brand or model so just giving generals suggestion here but water temp and outside air all effect how well the unit will work as well as how much sunshine is heating up the boat interior. The thermostat it self should have a range of between 65 to 85 degrees for setting so if you are saying your will not "set" lower then 72 something does not sound right.
does the unit work OK if only 80 degrees outside air temp ? You need to spend a hour or so reading the manual and setting up "local" defaults. I will tell you this that recently with the 90 plus temperatures mine will run the compressor constantly and keep the boat at 72 degrees and that it is actually a little too cold inside the boat. There are fan setting so that you can run fan all the time or only when compressor is running as well as the fan will run in automatic mode of faster as setting and actual temp widen and slower as it gets to set temperature. When you find your comfort level most times these type unit work well remember they are not a/c units as you have in you car and most likely in your home but are heat pumps and the sea water temp effect how well they work. Be sure to follow directions exactly when resetting defaults or they will not take. Good Luck !
Jun 2, 2004
Hunter 376 Oyster Bay, LI, NY
Brian, as Alan wrote, go to the office and speak to John. He'll probably put Reese on it but he may bring in an outside contractor. I've been having some refrigeration issues and he brought in the local Adler-Barbor tech.

Bear in mind, however, that Bill and Petersea have the same valid point. Given the outside temps we've been having plus the unusually warm water temps, that will affect the functioning of not only the a/c but also the freezer/reefer assuming all are watercooled.

By the way, what mooring are you on? Look for me at CC-20.
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