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? about Puffer stability?


Sep 11, 2015
Merit 22- Oregon lakes
I sailed a Puffer for (my first) couple years and loved it. it's a very easy boat to learn on. keep one hand on the main sheet (un-cleated) so you can quickly ease up in the gusts. I sailed mine in several small lakes that could be quite gusty. the only time I had it on it's side was once when I pushed it over just to see how it was to right. very easy. a very forgiving and fun boat.
Ironically I've since bought a 14.2 Capri because the Puffer was too small for my wife to feel very comfortable sailing with me. the Capri has a very open, and MUCH roomier cockpit. it's also quite easy to sail. also just as easy to trailer BTW.


Feb 5, 2019
Melges M16 St. Paul, MN
I have sailed and taught sailing on a puffer. Its a nice little boat with more cockpit space then most due to the open bow. Stability is as good a 12.5' boat can be expected to have. Like all small boats it depends on the movable ballast (crew) to maintain stability. If you are concerned about stability under the conditions you are sailing in you can take down or leave the jib at home. It sails well without the jib thus simplifying the rigging for people who are just learning. As you get better you can add the jib. It also has options to add a spinnaker so it can be used to train sailors for beginning to advanced dinghy. Other interesting features is that it is set up so it can be rowed (verses paddled) and has provisions for a motor mount for a small outboard motor. So if you just want to go fishing you can leave the sail rig at home. Or if you get becalmed it is a lot easier to get it back home. I hope this information helps.
Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser moored EVERETT WA
@sail101e forget the sunfish and puffer. Get a Montgomery 15... Terrific boat for what you describe as important.

Only way you'll flip her over is to stand on the bow and lean out over the water. She will go over but lay on her side and pop right up once you go in the water. Internal floatation will keep her afloat and you just get into the boat and start bailing the water out.

It is a small boat so you and the GF will be comfy snuggled together.
May 7, 2021
amf puffer elephant butte
Can any of you Puffer owners tell me how the puffer compares to the Sunfish as far as stability goes?

I am considering a puffer or something like it that will hold 2 people more comfortably than a Sunfish. But how quick is it to roll over compared to a Fish?

May 7, 2021
amf puffer elephant butte
I had both. You sit in the puffer, and you sit on the sunfish. Sailboats are tippy.