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82 Morgan 416 fuel tank

Jul 15, 2020
Morgan 416 Bradenton, FL
I recently purchased an 82 Morgan 416. I had to bring it around from Merritt Island to Bradenton Florida. Given the circumstances, I ran on power the whole way. I REALLY do not enjoy operating any 'vehicle' without a fuel gauge. I would like to install one, but, despite the time I spent in the engine room on this trip, I never saw what I would identify as the fuel tank. I would love some input.
Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
Welcome to forum and congratulations on your new 82 Morgan 416!! According to the manual attached the standard fuel tank on your Out Island 41 is of welded aluminum construction, mounted in the engine room on the starboard side. Fuel Tankage (2 FRP tanks) 90 gallons.