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81 Hunter 33 strut and shaft log hardware size

Feb 1, 2011
Catalina Macgregor Hunter 14.2, 26CB , 33 Cherubini Stuart
Hello, dotting i's and crossing t's for haul out plans. I would like to replace the hardware for the shaft log and strut on our 1981 Hunter 33
The strut is the 2 hole flat plate variety. Pretty sure I can verify the bolt size but does anyone have an idea on the lengths.
I've found Fawcett Boat supplies has a decent inventory and would like to try to have them in hand for the haul out.

Best Regards
Jun 21, 2007
Hunter Cherubini 36_80-82 San Francisco Bay's "Hurricane Glitch"
Hello shelled:

I have a 1980 Cherubini Hunter 36. Several years ago, I replaced my strut. We have a different boat, but considerations might be similar.

Below is a link to a 2014 SBO thread with detailed step-by-step of my process (with pictures) which is contained in post #10.

Unless your supplier is 100% sure of the exact replacement, my suggestion is to order without holes drilled. Drill them on site. Also note the info about the angle and the marine underwater bondo work-around. With over-night delivery these days, another suggestion is to haul the boat. See/measure/analyze. Then order.

Per the thread, I obtained my strut from Miller Island Propeller. I just Googled. They look to still be in business!



Mar 23, 2017
Hunter 30 Snug Harbor, Lake Champlain

I'd be interested in knowing what alloy these parts are being made from.

By any chance, did you get a certificate with your replacement strut saying what the alloy was they used to make it from? It's surprising to me to see this kind of degradation/corrosion present on struts. These struts should last as long as the hull.... Or at least darned close...

Feb 1, 2011
Catalina Macgregor Hunter 14.2, 26CB , 33 Cherubini Stuart
Thanks to respondents.
My scenario is much less complex. My strut apears alright by scratch test underwater. I am seeking length of silcon bronze bolts for both applications.
That said.
SBO has a listing for a complete strut think it's offered drilled or not. Buck Algonquin will drill to suit or provide cast from original. Costs unclear.
I'll be finding out only if I botch my cutlass bearing job. Hopefully unlikely. Worst case (hopeful) will be balancing yard cost vs overnight shipping unless I realise a local supplier.
Best Regards