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79 l25 stepping the mast

Nov 26, 2007
Lancer 25 SoCal
Good evening all. I'm looking into a better / safer way of stepping the mast and have looked at many sites and youtube videos. All of the trailer sailboats I've seen steps the mast from the stern, pulling the mast up towards the bow. Does anyone know why Lancer steps the mast from the bow, pulling the mast up towards the stern? Steve
Mar 24, 2014
Morgan & Lancer 33 & 25 VA, Chesapeake Bay & North GA
I wondered the same though I have always stepped from the bow and not the stern. It seems as though it could be easier being in the cockpit with the winch nearby to use and that it will fall forward in if accident and not on you. The L25 is the largest mast I have stepped and so my experience is limited to this.