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33.5 A/C water leak

Mar 4, 2018
Hunter 33.5 String Theory Southport
Two fold problem with the water leak. A/C is mounted in the Port Hanging locker in the aft berth and when the A/C is on it starts leaking after about 5-10 minutes. I haven't taken the cabinet apart yet but I'm wondering if there is some sort of pan like a house unit or if its just condensation running down one of the hoses. The thing that really has me puzzled is that when sailing on port tack in rough water I have a salt water leak in the exact same spot as the a/c fresh water leak. Is this just coincidence???? Theres no above waterline thru hull at this location so I'm assuming the salt water leak is either the H/D joint or a stanchion and the ac location is just the low spot that accumulates the water. Thing is that I very seldom get much water in the bilge after a hard rain so I'm leaning toward the H/D joint as being the culprit for the salt water leak. If it is, I'm clueless as to how to fix it. Am I missing something here?
Aug 4, 2018
Pearson Yachts 39-II Scotch Bonnet Punta Gorda, FL
Mark, respectfully, I think what's missing are clarity and details. Just to start, please consider these points/questions.
  • Where is Southport? Is this a fresh or salt water port?
  • Could you specify the mfr and model number of your a/c unit?
  • Even if not, could you tell us what hoses you see leading to and from the a/c unit and where they go? A typical marine a/c system is raw water cooled with its pump drawing ocean/lake water delivering it to the condenser coils and returning it to the lake/ocean. As the source of this water is nearly always warmer than your air conditioned air in the boat/locker there will be no condensation on those hoses. This plumbing can be a source of raw water leakage, of course. I doubt you have the electrical power to run your a/c while sailing but the seawater in your cooling coils and hoses could still leak while the boat heels.
  • Also, every a/c system condenses water from the moisture of the air that it cools. I imagine that is what you are referring to as the a/c fresh water leak - is that right? Every a/c system, even window/hatch mounting units, have a catch pan to collect the condensate and some sort of fitting to allow that to be plumbed to somewhere for disposal, hopefully not the bottom of your hanging locker. The pan needs to not leak as do the fitting and hose that drains it and the drain hose needs to not be plugged, causing the pan to overflow.
Your describing the location of the saltwater leak as exactly the same as the other leak suggests a/c system leaks being more likely than deck leaks.