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28" outboard in well wont go straight

Jul 22, 2015
Columbia 28 Rochester, NY
I recently bought a 1973 Columbia 28 MKII. Boat was on the hard when I bought it. I had to motor about 35 miles to get the boat home. As we pulled away from the dock it wanted to turn hard to port. I mean crazy hard. It has a 9.9 mercury long shaft 4 stroke motor in the well. Ended up turning the motor until the helm was neutral. Motor ended up cocked about 20 degrees. Motors fine, sails even better. The problem is around the dock. The first bit of momentum from the (cocked/rotated) motor wants to turn the boat pretty hard. I ended up turning the motor back straight and shimming one side of the mount/clamps. It is fine around the dock but still wants to turn left all the time. I can control it much better but it is still a PIA.

I don't really want to hang the motor off the back but don't know what else to do. All my racing buddies say I don't want to drag the motor though the water if I don't have to but I like the clean look and I probably wont race it much anyway.

Any suggestions.