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23-2 Anchor Size

May 19, 2020
O'Day 23-2 Barnegat Bay
Hi all,
Looking for anchor recommendations. I have a 23-2 and recently bought a 13lb danforth fluke anchor, without measuring the size of the anchor locker first. DOH! The anchor was too big to fit the anchor locker, but held amazing, we used it the tail-end of the summer and grabbed right away in the sandy bottom in the bay where we sail. However, it was a pain (and sometimes dangerous) to take it out from down below and get it to the bow when it was time to anchor the boat.
I'm looking for an anchor that will fit in the anchor locker at the bow of the boat, and I'll keep my 13lb anchor stowed away for an 'overnights only' anchor. I measured the anchor locker to be 19"W and 25"L.. when I look online the only danforth style anchors that would fit in there are 9lbs.
Here's my question - is that what other 23-2 owners use? Does a 9lb anchor have enough holding power for sometimes choppy bay conditions? Has anyone found slightly heavier anchors but that fit the anchor locker well?
Thanks for your input, I understand the anchor rode chain and amount of rode let out has a lot to factor into the holding power of the anchor and not just the weight of the anchor, just curious what other 23-2 owners were using. Thanks!
Oct 20, 2014
O'Day 23-1 Lake Champlain, Vermont
I haven’t used it yet but I just ordered a 13 lb. Mantus to use on my 23-1. I am also installing a bow roller. You might want to check the Mantus measurements. Maybe the locker in not deep enough but it might be worth checking.