222 Hull Schematics for Custom Trailer

Sep 9, 2015
Oday 222 Sebago Lake
Hi, I'm purchasing a 1986 O'Day 222 without a trailer. I plan to convert a dual-axle powerboat trailer (3500 GTW) and could really use hull schematics (with measurements if possible) for the 222 so I can build out the keel channel, bunks, etc. on the trailer before I pick up the boat in New York and haul her home. My Google searches have only turned up the O'Day 222 brochure and other drawings - which are helpful, but have no measurements. Any ideas?
Nov 7, 2016
O'Day 222 Paris Landing, TN
Hey Steve, I am down in TN and wanting to do the same. I have a trailer that my boat is sitting on but want to rework the entire platform the boat is sitting on and do not know just what is the best way to support the boat. Did no one reply on some thoughts? Thanks...
Aug 21, 2014
Oday 222 Cape Cod
I bought a 222 late in the fall and used the attached drawing I found on the net to modify my single axle trailer. All measurements were spot on. There is a second page which I cannot find that indicated the front support boards were to be spaced 27 inches apart. Good luck


Mar 18, 2010
O'Day 222 Smith Mountain Lake, VA
4 1/2 years in the future from kbcapecod last post,, and I thank you for those measurements.