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1991 Hunter 35.5 Legend-Head Faucet Replacement

Jul 10, 2018
Hunter 35.5 50639 Ludington Michigan
Gentlemen....I am a 1990 Hunter Legend 35.5 owner and have found myself in an identical predicament.....the shower hose connection has failed and I have no earthly idea as to how to replace the valve assembly. I have access to the hot & cold water shut off valves under the sink in the head however, I do not see any way to reach the valve body for shower. I can free the entire assembly from the "shelf" by loosening
Shower Valve.JPG
the mounting tube, however I fear if I un-thread this too much the lock washer will simply fall off into the abyss below leaving me with a real mess.
Please tell me one of you has had success in this task.
Thanks in advance
TimShower Valve.JPG
Aug 14, 2011
Hunter 35.5 Legend PCYC Shediac, NB
you can get access by removing the horizontal wood trim and the screws its hiding. There was also 1 hidden screw coming from the cabinet above the sink that i had to cut as i could not remove it. Once that was done i was able to lift shower wall forward