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1988 Irwin 44CC

Nov 11, 2008
Oday 34 Noank, CT
Hello all! We just became the proud owners of a 1988 Irwin 44 center cockpit. I was wondering if someone could link me to a page with the running rigging specs? I can't seem to find one. Thanks in advance!
Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
Congratulations on your new sailboat!!

You might start with these guys who sell Irwin sailboat manuals and parts, including rigging (possibly running rigging). The manual, might have the running rigging specifications. If irwinyachts.com or the manual does not have a list, it is easy enough to measure the diameter and remove them to measure their length. Some lines might require sewing a tagline to them before you remove them. Now its another matter of specifying each line based on specific characteristics but that is a subject on another thread I suspect. In the meantime attached is a representative line selection guide from Sanson.



Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser moored EVERETT WA
It is a reasonable guess you are not new to sailing, but you have a new to you boat. Congrats.

Running rigging. Are you thinking of total replacement or just some go the rigging?

In my experience, you really don't need much more than a tape measure, or the knowledge of the mast height for Halyards. The boat length is relevant for sheets.

The line you run on the Main, Jib, and any other halyard are usually the same type Low stretch line. You may go real old school and buy one big roll or you may choose the colored route. Different colors for different tasks.

The Main halyard is the height of the mast times 2 and any bit to run the line from the mast base to the cockpit if so designed. The jib halyard is the mast height (you have a mast head rig according to Sailboat data...)
and the length of the jib luff. Again add the distance from the mast base to the cockpit if needed.

Spinnaker Halyard would be the same length as the Jib halyard. If concerned you can always add 5 ft to the length. If the extra is not needed you can cut it off and use it on board to hold your fenders on the side.

Sheets for a Genoa are usually 1.5 times the boat length. The Main sheet depends on the number of turns (blocks) easiest to just measure. The Spinnaker sheets are usually 2 time boat length.
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Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser moored EVERETT WA
I just looks back at my halyard rigging purchase from 2016. Bought 105 feet for all my halyards. This is for a 42 ft mast hoist height to deck on my boat. Like yours I have a Mast Head Rig. Your boat is a 44.5 ft height. I suspect like me you could buy the 105 ft lengthen and have a little bit left over.

I bought the "warp speed" line by Samson for halyards. Nice feel. I do not like the warp speed 2 line too stiff. Color white with a color stripe of choice. cost me $1.81 a foot.