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1986 C&C 33-2 mast internal structure

May 1, 2021
C&C 33-2 Sidney BC
My mast is I believe the original and in good condition however the two halyards running through the sheaves at the mast head are
crossed, ie the halyard running through the stb sheave exists the mast on the port side and fairleads to a winch on the port side
The halyard running through port sheave exits on the stb side and fairleads to a winch on the stb side. The former owner must have
been OK with this. Does anyone have any information regarding the presumed internal channels within the mast?
Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
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May 1, 2021
C&C 33-2 Sidney BC
First question comes to mind is who is the mast manufacturer and do you have a traditional, non-furling mast? If so, one large cavity with a mast sleeve I expect as shown in this link for a traditional, non-furling mast: Kenyon Spars Main Page (rigrite.com). Does it mainsail hoisting and dropping? Do you want to eliminate the crossed halyards as discussed in this thread crossed halyards in aluminum mast?? | SailNet Community ?
The mast is traditional non-furling, manufacturer is unknown. The boat is new to me so much to learn.